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Friday, March, 6, 2015

Lets play Holi..
May the Vivid Colors of the holi Decorate your life and family… With colors of happiness and Fun Happy Holi !!! Get one Holi color for FREE with each order until March 9, 2015.

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One Holi Color for FREE
$1.00 / Packet

Holi Colors (0.5 oz/Packet)
$1.00 / Pack

Fancy Gift Boxes
$5.49 / BOX

Mini Gift Box (Peda or Ladoo)
$5.95 / Box

Khajoor Delights-No sugar added
$9.95 / BOX

Anjeer Delights-No sugar added
$9.95 / BOX

Bandhani Dry Fruits
$12.95 / Box

Bandhani 1lb Gift Box
$12.95 / Box

Gujiya (Guguru)
$13.95 / Pound

Mini Tokri
$17.95 / EACH

Ganesh Sweet Gift Box
$19.95 / Box

Holi Special- Gujiya Gift Box
$19.95 / Box

Classic Mix Sweets 2LB
$24.95 / Box

Classic Matka Sweet Box 2 Lb
$22.95 / box

BSH Special #2
$27.75 / Box

Dry Fruits Gift Tokri 12
$59.95 / Each

Bandhani Mix Mithai 5lb
$59.95 / box

VIP Gift Tokr
$89.95 / Each

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